Ganga To Antarctica

Ganga to Antarctica is a letter to the 8 Billion people living on the planet we call “Home”. 

At 23 years of age, I, Anup Misal will be joining 150 people from across the globe for an expedition to the South Pole. The Expedition: Mission 2041 is an initiative that aims to garner enough support to ensure Antarctica remains the last great wilderness on Earth it is today, well before the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty — which bans mining activities in the region — the Madrid Protocol protecting Antarctica from exploitation would come up for debate, revision, and/or possible cancellation in 2041.

This Expedition is a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with and learn from nature's most affected area due to climate change.  Through Research activities, lectures, shore landings, hikes, and workshops, the Expedition will train on up-to-date climate science, sustainability, and leadership skills and will equip me with the tools to create meaningful impacts in my community, institution, company, and governments in order to benefit this planet.

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Why Anatarctica ?

Antarctica is central to any discussion about anthropogenic climate change. The continent, a largely pristine wilderness that belongs to no country, is not only home to a wide range of fauna and marine species, but it also contains approximately 90% of Earth’s ice, and roughly 70% of our planet’s fresh water.

For decades, the effects of climate change have been more and more visible in the Antarctic: glaciers and ice shelves such as the Larsen B melting and breaking off prematurely, sea ice disappearing, critically disrupted ecosystems and food chains.If these patterns are allowed to continue unchecked, the resultant sea level rise alone in the next century would lead to catastrophic, absolutely unimaginable changes to our world, our coastal cities, and our populations. 

This Expedition is an opportunity for me to connect with and learn from the natural environments most affected by climate change, and to realize the urgent need for real-world solutions to address these issues.  A person can surely  read about the ways that climate change is affecting our vulnerable polar regions, but absolutely nothing makes it more real and more urgent than personally witnessing the effects.

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Call For Support

I'm going on an adventure that's for both education and expedition.  I am excited to be one of the 150 person team journeying towards ‘'The Last Great Wilderness". By taking part I will be acquiring key skills to lead my generation and the next towards a better future by learning how to be visible, speak the message to a broad audience, lead for the future, and collaborate with other amazing climate change leaders before, during, and after the program. Together we can work for the greater good. This is where I need your help. This experience is the chance of a lifetime and something I have dreamed of being a part of. 

Such experiences require huge investments of time and money. The program costs are a little high, and it is up to me to cover 20 Lakhs for program costs, the year long leadership training, the Antarctica voyage, expedition insurance, and equipment. It's a huge opportunity and it's worth the cost. Your donation doesn't "just" help send me to Antarctica - it helps me grow as a human, and as a leader through the yearlong training program. 

Any amount you can donate will help me achieve my dream! 

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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Sir. Robert Swan


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


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